Bustle Back Jumpsuit, Block Print

Bustle Back Jumpsuit, Block Print

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Sea-inspired Block Print, Bustle Back Jumpsuit. Comes in both wide leg and straight leg. The bustle back is flattering to many body types, accommodating most all bottom size, with a highly adjustable halter top.  Jumpsuit has inseam pockets.

Small fits up to size 6 (bust 36)
Medium fits up to size 14 (bust 40)
Large fits up to size 20 (bust 44DD)

This is a very limited edition piece, the print is in a dark indigo, on 100% cotton guinea brocade. Hand dyed in the Adire wax tradition by our artisan in Lagos, the sea inspired block is particularly special, with each line in the intricate pattern hand drawn in wax before dying--

100% cotton, machine washable, colorfast. limited edition and one of a kind--

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Small will fit up to bust 30-34 hips 40
Medium will fit up to bust 40 hips 44
Large will fit up to bust 45DD hips 46